CN non-manufacturing PMI until Nov 2012

Chart the non-manufacturing PMI in China until Nov 2012.

The transitions of the non-manufacturing PMI, SMA and the Bollinger band.

The transitions of the MoM and YoY.


China non-manufacturing business activity index rose to 55.6%, increased slightly from the previous month.

The General Index of the construction industry activity index rose to 61.3%, continuing the rapid growth.

Overall index of service sector activity index rose to 54.2%, down 0.2% from the previous month.

New orders index rose to 53.2%.

New orders index for the construction industry rose to 58.1 percent.

Service sector new orders index rose to 52.0%.

The amount of intermediate input index fell to 52.5%.

Amount of intermediate input index construction industry fell to 52.9%.

It plummeted from the previous month.

This decrease in administrative expenses and cost of production of the construction industry has been greatly affected.

Amount of intermediate input service sector index fell to 52.5%.

It dropped 4.7 points from the previous month.

Cost containment has progressed.

Payment price index fell sharply to 48.4%.

Payment of construction price index increased to 51.2%.

Payment of services price index fell to 47.8%.

The expected business activity (5 months) index has surged to 64.6 percent.

Graphs from May 2009 are here.

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