USA S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index from 2011 until Sep 2012

Chart the S&P Case-Shiller home price index until Sep 2012.

The transitions of the S&P CS HPI, SMA and the Bollinger band.

Index have maintained a strong upward trend.

The transitions of the MoM and YoY.

Both Indices has maintained an upward trend.

Especially YoY shows a particularly strong rise.

On the other hand, It has not returned a value in the long term.

It was the peak of 206.65 in April 2006.

It has good result in the short-term, but It is not a satisfactory result in a long-term perspective.

And It has not exceed 150 since Dec 2008, so it is likely to be the focus to exceed the 150.

Details from Jan 2000 are here.

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