USA Durable goods new orders from 2011 until Oct 2012

Chart the Durable goods new orders in United States until Oct 2012.

The transitions of the Durable Goods New Orders, SMA and the Bollinger band.

Index has to flat trend.

The transitions of the MoM and YoY.

YoY tends to slower.

Breakdown as follows.

Non-defense capital goods orders excluding aircraft that increased by 1.7% on MoM.

It became a significant growth for the first time in five months.

Shipment of non-defense capital goods excluding aircraft fell in the fourth consecutive month and down 0.4%.

New orders for durable goods remained flat.

General machinery and metal products, and computer electronics was increased.

Defense and non-defense aircraft and motor vehicles was reduced.

Department of Commerce commented about Hurricane "Sandy" that hit the northeast in late October, and blow not seen in the manufacturing industry in the region at this time.

The main cause of slow down that concern towards the fiscal cliff and fiscal restraint, which is expected next year have been pointed out.

These charts would say one example that financial cliff is affecting reality.

Details from Feb 1992 are here.

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