Sheep production 2010 ranking Top10

Chart the Sheep production 2010 ranking Top10.

This graph is the Sheep production ranking Top10.

Japan produced 12,000.

Chinese like to consume sheep that have reflected on value.

This trend has also appeared in kanji.

美(Beauty),鮮(Clearness),義(Integrity),善(Goodness),羨(Enviable),養(Cultivate)Etc...The Kanji including Sheep(羊) is that have meaning good.

Chinese seems to have thought the best meat is the sheep from ancient times.

However, the problem is the smell of beast.It has been repeated efforts to reducing smell.

Some theory told In order to suppress the smell beast of sheep in india is that the curry born.

In China, herbs spices has been developed as well.

It has been seen as a problem enough to warrant such a spice.

Position of each country will be as described above.

It has been produced in various countries around the world.

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