Oil consumption volume per 1 day country ranking Top 10

Chart the Oil consumption volume per 1 day Country ranking Top 10.

This graph is the Oil consumption volume country ranking Top 10.

United states has significant consumption volume.

United States is more likely to increase the self sufficiency rate by shale gas and shale oil in the future.

China exceeded Japan in 2003. In addition, consumption volume exceeded the production volume in 1992. China's oil self-sufficiency rate were 100% in 1992, 63% in 2000, sank 50% in 2007 and 45% in 2010. Oil shale is not heard so far in China. There is a possibility that the amount of reserves will be confirmed in the future.

By the way, they have accounted for half of world consumption in the Top 7, United States, China, Japan, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Russia is supplying energy to Eastern Europe and others by the thermal power generation. There seems to tend to a large amount of natural gas consumption. Russia is also supply natural gas to Europe by the pipeline. The consumption of oil may not major.

Jumped consumption in North America and Europe from the 1960s through the 1980s. Then, has increased rapidly from the 1980s to the 2000s in East Asia and ASEAN.

Consumption of the Middle East, Latin America, in Africa tends to increase the still small. There is not seen explosive growth yet. Future growth is expected.

The large oil consumption countries are characterized by large population, a certain size of industries and infrastructures.

Each country's positions are here.

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