JPN Consumer Price Index from 2011 until Oct 2012

Chart the Consumer Price Index in Japan until Oct 2012.

The transitions of the CPI, SMA and the Bollinger band.

The transitions of the MoM and YoY.

Looking only on the overall index, that is almost unchanged.

The main overview that contributed to the overall YoY index.
10 major group, Middle group, YoY(contribution), Item name, YoY(contribution)

Food, vegetable -18.6%(-0.36)・・・・・Chinese cabbage etc. -51.0%(-0.06)
Educate&entertainment, Educate&entertainment services -1.8%(-0.11)・・・・・ Over seas travel pack etc., -8.7% (-0.06)

Energy&Water, Electricity expense, +5.8%(0.20)
Transportation&communication, car-related expenses, 1.7%(0.14)・・・・・Gasoline etc., 4.2%(0.10)

Items that contributed to the YoY changes in the overall index.
・The Decreasing width of YoY of total excluding fresh food shrank 0.1 point (September -0.1% → October 0.0%).
・Although the increase width of electric expenses etc. shrank, the increase width of gasoline and kerosene widened,and the decrease width of total shrank 0.02 points by energies.
・The decrease width of total shrank 0.03 points by Overseas travel pack.
・The decrease width of total widened 0.03 points by foods excluding fresh foods.
・The decrease width of television etc. shrank,and the decrease width of total shrank 0.04 points by durable goods for education entertainment.
・The decrease width of total widened 0.03 points by reception fee(NHK).

Graphs from 1970 are here.

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