Amount of rice production country ranking Top11

Chart the amount of rice(including fir) production country ranking Top11.

This is the amount of rice production country ranking Top11.

China has become the top.

Tend to produce large amount populous country basically.

The production volume of Japan is less than the ASEAN countries that is in spite of the staple food.

This is the positions of the each countries.

It concentrated in East Asia to Middle Asia is characterized that excluding USA and Brazil.

Here is the data.
Ranking Country Amout of Rice(inc fir) production(10,000 ton)
1 China 中華人民共和国(中国) 19721
2 India インド 12062
3 Indonesia インドネシア 6641
4 Bangladesh バングラデシュ 4936
5 Vietnam ベトナム 3999
6 Myanmar ミャンマー 3320
7 Thailand タイ 3160
8 Philippines フィリピン 1577
9 Brazil ブラジル 1131
10 USA アメリカ合衆国 1103
11 Japan 日本 1060
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